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Hashtag TBH Meaning


Example of a “TBH” Facebook status.

What does TBH mean?

TBH Meaning = Woman Crush Wednesday

TBH meaning on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, as well as in texting and email is “to be honest”. TBH means “to be honest”, and is used in online conversation when someone wants to tell a person their honest thoughts or opinion. Typing “TBH” is much easier and faster than typing “to be honest”, so many people simply use the acronym.

TBH Facebook Meaning:

The TBH meaning on Facebook is also “to be honest”. You may see someone post a “TBH” Facebook status where they say “like for a TBH” or “doing a TBH”. This means that anyone that likes their status will receive “a TBH”, or a wall post or in-boxed message where they tell everyone what they think about them or their opinion of them. An “inboxed tbh” is just a TBH sent in a message instead of posted to someone’s wall.


TBH Meaning = To Be Honest

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