Instagram Name Link

Instagram Name Link

How to turn your name on Instagram into a link to your desired URL

Above: Instagram profiles with and without name links.

Change your Instagram name into a link:


To make your IG name a link, simply add one (^) before and after your name in the edit profile section, like so:

This will cause your name to turn into a blue hyperlink that brings users to the website listed on your account. It is a neat feature that can make your profile stand out as well as make visiting your site easier if you have a lot of text in your bio. Note: you must have url entered in your IG settings.

About Instagram Name Link:

You may have noticed a popular Instagram user’s profile that has a blue name that works as a hyperlink. Ever wonder how to do it? Simple! Anyone can do it by adding to caret symbols (^) before & after your name, like this: ^Name^. As long as you have a website entered, users will now be able to tap on both your name and your website url to open it.

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